Monthly Archives: March 2013

Delayed Maintenance

We have delayed the maintenance period due to unforeseen delays in provisioning our colocation space from our datacenter provider. We will announce another time period when we will complete the maintenance that was previously scheduled March 11,12,14th and the 15th .

Maintenance Notice – March 11-15

We are going to be making some major changes to our infrastructure including some server migrations. We do not expect any downtime for our New Jersey VPS clients as we’re not moving any of our OpenVZ nodes at this location.

This maintenance notice only concerns our shared hosting in the United States, and our main website, billing portal, support desk, and SolusVM Master in France.

Our website and billing portal will be offline for many of our clients depending on how long DNS propagation takes for each of you. In order to ensure our database has up to date records we will take it offline during the transfer. During this time we will not be posting payments to invoices, or accepting/responding to help desk tickets.

Billing/Support portal Maintenance
We will take our billing/support portal offline on March 13, 2013 for about 15 minutes to complete the transfer.

Shared Hosting Clients
During this week you will not experience any downtime or file loss as we move your websites to another server. This is planned for March 14, 2013.

VPS Clients
Only clients in our France location on OVZ1 or OVZ0 will experience brief outages on March 12, 2013.

Maintenance Notice March 12, 2013

10AM-3PM Eastern Time

Our primary SolusVM node (OVZ-France-zero) will undergo maintenance on March 12, 2013 at 10 AM Eastern Time and will last around 5 hours.

Our SolusVM Management interface (OVZ-Master) will be down several hours before this maintenance period starts to avoid corrupting our database. It may take up to 24 hours for the management interface to become available for many of our clients depending on the time of DNS propagation.

It is possible service will be back online before the 5 hour period is over. We’re giving the support staff a generous amount of time to complete the maintenance.

We do not expect any of your IP addresses to change.

Additional Comments:
We’re moving our SolusVM Master node to another datacenter to increase performance and upgrade the system kernel and operating system.
We will be upgrading our OVZ-Fr-0 node to a new kernel and replacing a hard drive.